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■Serum for the Slim

This is a liquid solution which is used in renewalof your local fatty volume and for peoplewhich have excessive fat due to aging and high fat diet.Slim line is formed as making your skin lookfirm and smooth.


TYPE : Liquid

VOLUME : 10ml x 5 vials

EXPIRY DATE : 2 years from date of manufacture(This is single use. Use all after opening)

STORAGE : Store at room temperature

APPLICATION PART : Chin, Abdomen, Love handles, Upper arms, Thigh


■SLIM SLIMMER Information

Ingredients : Tissue reliever, saline solution

Usage : Slim slimmer is used after absorbing the solution in the container using a syringe of 10~30ml.

Storage : Storage at room temperature within the expiration date (no storage of remaining solution after use)

Injection site : All areas with fat

Application area


- v-line, double chin : Usage(10-15cc)

- Cheek, Bucal fat : Usage(5-10cc)

- Below ear : Usage(5-10cc)

- Malar : Usage(5cc)


- Do not exceed total 40cc per face case for 30 days per person. (The amount of body part used during simultaneous   treatmen with the body part Separately, it can be used based on the following standard)

- The same site can be treated every 30 days


- Flank : Usage(150-200cc)

- Belly : Usage(100cc)

- Bra-line : Usage(200cc)

- Thigh : Usage(200cc)

- calf : Usage(100-150cc)

- arm : Usage(80-100cc)

- Ankle : Usage(60cc)

- Trapezius line : Usage(150-200cc)


-Do not exceed 300cc per person for 30 days. (The amount of face used during simultaneous treatment with the face Separately, it can be used based on the above standard)

- The same site can be treated every 30 days

effecacy : 7-30 days

Precaution : Facial wash, shower after 6 hours

                     Individually swelling and bruising may occur

                     When using more than 20ml per day, take antibiotics for 4 days (3 times a day)

Advantage : Volume reduction is fast

                     No side effects

                     Immediately life is available

                     Simple therapy 

Disadvantage : The large area should be divided at interval (2-3 times) 


■Treatment Area

■Treatment Area

1.OpenSlim Slimmer Ample.

2.Insert needle into ample and pull the piston of injection to fill the syringe with Liquid

3.Shake the Liquid in the syringe for 2 to 3 times to blend and inject required amount right onto the treatment area. 


■Before & After

Double Chin Treatment : Volume 20mL injetction 



· Avoid stimulation, make-up or cleansing on treatment area for 6 hours after treatment and gently cleanse on the day      of treatment. 

· Effect of treatment will appear within 1 week after treatment. Occasionally, people with large or thick layer of fat may      experience slower effect within about 1 or 2 weeks. 

· It is recommended to avoid intense sports, sauna, drinking and smoking for about 1 week after treatment

  (Alcohol may interrupt breakdown of fat that the effect of treatment may be insignificant or none).

· Normally, there are no side-effects after the treatment but occasionally, treat  ment area may be slightly swollen or       


· Depending on physical constitution, allergic reactions may occur.  

· Product includes small amount of steroids that irregular menstruation may occur for women. 

· As the results of treatment may vary depending on individuals, additional treatments of 1 to 3 times may occur for

  face and 3 to 5 times for body.  

· It is recommended to have additional treatments with 4 weeks interval. 

· Prescribed antibiotic medicines help reducing swelling and allergic reactions and are recommended to take. 

· After body treatment, massage with oil and frequently apply lotion as skin may be dry during the hours of fat












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