BioPlus Comfort Mask(20Box)

- 50ea / 1Box

BioPlus Comfort Mask


Made by,Ltd

BioPlus, a company specializing in biomaterials and medical devices


BioPlus Co., Ltd. is a developer of medical devices,

such as Bio Materials /Medical Application Bio tech.

Our company has been growing globallyin the field of Beauty & Aesthetics since the Korea Food & Drug

Administration(KFDA) approved biomaterial graft and prosthesis(Filler)applying biomaterials.

- Acquired major international certificates such as CE and MDSAP -


MDM Tech, a core technology for handling biomaterials developed by BioPlus,

is a major breakthrough in fillers as an innovative technology

that solvesthe problems of global Filler manufacturing technology

which has beena world standard since before.


This is why BioPlus products are loved by over 70 countries around the world.







Made in Korea

BioPlus Mask, imprinted with the logo of reliable


BioPlus, has excellent quality with Original ingredients,

unlike cheap masks on the market using recycled materials (recycled PP grain).


BioPlus is a medical device developer using biomaterials,

and we use biochemically and physicochemically safe materials only.


BioPlus does its best for quality control to maintain our reputation,

and guarantees this by imprinting the company's logo.


We develop reliable products through strict environmental, hygiene,

and production management in the manufacturing processand the storage

and maintenance of fabrics.

                                        Clean Room production            strict storage management                                    







Hygienic wrapping packaging

Wrapping and packaging for each product box


Safely protected from exposure to moisture orexternal contamination during packaging,

shipping and distribution after production









Antibacterial film coating

The box is coated with a FDA-certified antibacterial film.


Bulk package that can be used for single useby the whole family,

and it can be safe from possible infections causedby contact when opening










It can be used with confidence with its triple structure, 

which blocks splash and droplets. 







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