High Visco-elasticity, 3SENSES

Micro particles of 3-Senses™ shows high cohesivenessand provides safe and long-lastingeffect without altering its chemical properties.


Elastic and glossy 3-Sense™outstanding shape retention


Simple particle enlargementdue to limit in technical skillsReduces longevity of the product




Usability : High viscosity Filler canbe easily filled into thesyringe by usingthe adapter

Safety : It has the high viscosityand made by safe rawmaterial, hyaluroic acid.

             It can be degraded andremoved in the bodyeasily

Touch : The semi-solid gel feelsnatural



Safe raw material < Hyaluronic acid > : Hyaluronic acid is acomponent that existsin the human bodyand is safe.

Convenience : The small particle sizeand high viscosity of3-Senses™ have nomovement in the bodyand are

                        easy to fix inthe treated area

Easy to remove : You can simplydissolve it using asolvent (hyaluroridase)


How to Use


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